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  Software Builds
Codefast - Contains many articles on software build topics such as problem scope, stakeholder design viewpoints, directory structures, architecture models, makefile generator tools and software build methods.
  Recursive Make Considered Harmful
Miller - An argument against using recursive make techniques in the presence of cyclic dependencies among project subdirectories.
  Makefile Setup for Java
Geosoft - A GNU Make and shell script setup for Java. Features dependency scanning, class files, JAR archives, JNI interfaces, RMI stub and skeletons, and Javadoc.
  Make - A Program For Maintaining Computer Programs
Feldman 1979 - The original make paper, including makefile syntax, implicit rules, double colon targets, macros, VPATH macro, and the usual cleanup and install targets.
  An Automatic Make Facility
Holyer and Pehlivan 2000 - Program uses no makefile. It records manually-issued compilation commands the first time round, then rebuilds programs using recorded command traces.
  Compare and Contrast Lucent Nmake and GNU Make
Lucent FAQ - Summarizes the function and typical syntax of many make features, using a convenient table format.
  The Fourth Generation Make
Fowler 1985 - A new make tool with support for CPP, dependency generation, compiled makefiles, parallel execution, pathname parsing operators, and a powerful metalanguage for builtin rules.
  A Case For Make
Fowler 1990 - Explains many old-make limitations and new-make (Nmake) features including procedure rules, accuracy mechanisms, viewpathing, and semaphores for blocking unwanted parallelism.
  Parallel and Distributed Compilations in Loosely-Coupled Systems - A Case Study
Baalbergen 1986 - Distributing machine specific compilation phases among machines with a distributed make program is about 3.5 times faster.
  PGMAKE: A Portable Distributed Make System
Lih and Zadok - Reports design issues and results of modifying GNU Make to do distributed makes using the Oakridge PVM Parallel Virtual Machine.
  Smart Software Build Tools - Executive Overview
Jameson 2003 - Management results of a 15-year research project to a build a knowledge-based software build system that calculates and executes scalable, multiplatform software builds with no human labor involved.
  Smart Software Build Tools - Technical Overview
Jameson 2003 - Technical overview of a 15-year research project to a build a knowledge-based software build system that dynamically calculates and executes scalable, distributed, multiplatform software builds with no human labor involved.
  Make It - Generating and Maintaining Makefiles Automatically
Schönherr and Wolff 1998 - A set of makefile dependency generator tools for working with files written in Knuth's Literate Programming style.
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